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This large silicone size guide  work mat is fantastic for rolling out pastry and fondant, and it is equally great protecting work surface too. For rolling fondant and pasrty, it’s best to either lightly dust with flour, icing sugar or apply a tiny vegetable shortening before use. It’s has markings for rolling out circles from 15 cm dia right through to 37.5 cm diameter. To the sides, it has guide markings with both inches and cm.

  1.  Flexible mat, Roll it, Fold it and non stick
  2. Does not move when using due to it being silicone
  3. It has circular marking from 15 cm to 37.54 cm diameter making fondant rolling for cakes easy to get just the right size
  4. It also has marking on the sides ideal for pastry
  5. Will keep your worktop clean.  No more scrapping dough or fondant off the worktop.
  6. You can even pre roll you fondant/pastry on the mat and then roll it up put it in a bag and store it in the fridge for when you need it.  Preperation is the key to sucessfull pastry and sugarcraft!!!

Colour : Randam (color may vary from the picture)

Size : 50cm x 40cm

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