Baby Shower Theme Fondant Plunger Set

Product Code: FGGFT386
Available: 2
Shipping Charges: 30.00
Rs. 190.00

Get this amazing set of baby themed cutters to make Fondant cake, cupcake or cookies for a baby shower or to give as a novelty gift! These cookie cutters are equipped with spring-loaded stamps that imprint design features onto the fondant/cookies.

  1. Baby Bottle measures 1.7" from handgrip to handgrip and 2" inches from nipple to bottom.
  2. Baby Carriage measures from 1.75" inches from side to side and 1.8" inches from top to bottom.
  3. Baby Onesie measures 1.75 inches from bottom to shoulder, 1.5" inches st the waist, and 1.75" from shoulder to shoulder.
  4. Rocking Horse measures 1.7" inches from saddle to bottom and 1.8" inches from horse tail to nose.

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