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Plastic Coupler for Icing Bag- Standard
This standard coupler fits all Imported (Chinese & Wilton) standard tips. NOTE:  (It w..
Rs. 60.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 60.00
Basketweave Icing tip no-48
Make only smooth strips rest of basketwave tips and cake Icer make both smooth and ribbed strips. M..
Rs. 70.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 70.00
Open Star Icing Tip no-22
Star techniques, shell and drop flowers; the finely cut teeth create decorations with many ridge. ..
Rs. 70.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 70.00
Disposable Icing Bags, Pack of 100
Disposable plastic cake decorating bags save time, money, water and worry. Icings stay fresh and rea..
Rs. 220.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 220.00
Icing Bag Holder
Keep your icing bags close at hand and organize your decorating space with this convenient stand...
Rs. 430.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 430.00